Medical Device Classification Determination

In the medical device recording or registration procedure, accurately identify the class of the device will be the first and essential step that has significant influence on the registration procedure, cost and period.
How to identify the class of medical device will be paid highly attention by the registrant. The main method to confirm the classification of medical device to classification catalogue and classification principle of medical device, application of medical device classification definition.
CIRS professional team provides following classification determination service to be the foundation for medical device recording/registration procedure.

 Service Content Advantage of CIRS Service Details
Determining the Classification Identify the class of medical device according to CFDA published classification catalogue and classification principle of medical device.
  • Rich Industry experience
  • Quickly and clearly identify the categories
  • In combination with customer requirements, prior to the preparation of reporting data
  • Professional declaration materials for subsequent registration to lay a good foundation
  • Address language barriers
Period: 8 business days

Charge: free 
Application of classification definition This type of service is applicable to products that are unable to determine the type through the existing regulations, and need to submit classification definition applications to the CFDA Data compilation: 30 working days

Audit in the Provincial FDA: 1-2 months

Audit in CFDA: 6-12 months

Charge: according to the product

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CIRS medical device service team mainly consists of experienced registration and clinical experts with master’s degree and PhD in medical background. Medical devices service team is divided into three professional groups: regulatory affairs service group, clinical trials service group and customs service group. Also we have good network with other professional institutions. And our goal is to provide the most professional, efficient, long- term and comprehensive service for our clients.

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